Martin's picture May 2006 Martin Heller is a freelance writer, developer, and photographer. Up until 2014, he was Chairman of Tubifi, Inc. Prior to that, he was President and CEO of Tubifi, and before joining Tubifi he was Vice President of Technology and Education at Alpha Software. Martin is also a Contributing Editor, reviewer and blogger for InfoWorld. Volume II of Martin's book Alpha Five V10: The Tutorial was published early in 2011.

Formerly a Web and Windows programming consultant, Martin developed databases, software and sites, and wrote, edited and consulted from his office in Andover, Massachusetts from 1986 to 2010.

Martin was Senior Contributing Editor and the "Mr. Computer Language Person" columnist for, Senior Contributing Editor and the Programming Windows and Web Dev columnist for WINDOWS Magazine, a frequent reviewer at PC Week (now eWeek) and GCN, and a writer for  Developer Pipeline, ComputerWorld and DevX. In addition, Martin was Series Editor for the Microsoft .NET Development Series, published by Addison-Wesley.

Martin is the author or co-author of nearly a dozen PC software packages and half a dozen Web applications. One of Martin's publicly viewable programming collaborations is a free Web site devoted to diagnosing and repairing PCs running Windows, PC Pitstop.

Dr. Heller is the author of Advanced Windows Programming and Advanced Win32 Programming, both published by John Wiley & Sons. He is also a co-author of Networking Windows NT, also published by Wiley.

Martin is available for Web site development, software and business consulting, content development, writing, editing, application and component design and development, and expert testimony. His rates are available on request.

As a consultant, Martin has worked with companies of all sizes to design, develop, improve, and/or debug Windows, Web, and database applications, and has performed strategic business consulting for high-tech corporations ranging from tiny to Fortune 100 and from local to multinational. As a contract writer, Martin has written hundreds of case studies, white papers, articles, and brochures, primarily for software companies.

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